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2019.05.22 | Events

"Occupied Minds" - Seminar in Aarhus with Dr. Mitri Raheb

On May 28, everybody is invited to attend a seminar at Aarhus University on theological challenges in the relationship between Palestine and the West.

2019.05.01 | Knowledge exchange, Events

Upcoming Beierwaltes Seminars V and VI: invitation and call for papers

The organizers of two upcoming Beierwaltes seminars in Cambridge (July 6 and October 19, 2019) revolving around Origen and Christian Platonism invite for papers. Find a description of the topics below as well as contact information if you want to join, with or without a paper.

2019.04.10 | Knowledge exchange

Fürst on Exegesis, Philosophy, and Spirituality in Early Christianity: New lectures available as videos

In February, Prof. Dr. Alfons Fürst went to Egypt to give a series of guest lectures on "Exegesis, Philosophy, and Spirituality in Early Christianity" in which Origen of Alexandria plays a significant role. The lectures were recorded and are now available for watching, seeing and learning - in English and Arabic.

2019.04.03 | Knowledge exchange, Publication

New book on Origen by Lenka Karfíková

Prof. Lenka Karfíková from Universita Karlova in Prague has recently published a book entitled Duše, prozřetelnost a svoboda podle Origena - The soul, providence, and freedom according to Origen. It contains six studies centering on this topic and includes discussions of Origen’s place among other authors. The book is in Hungarian, but if you are…

2019.04.03 | Knowledge exchange, People

Dr. Olga Alieva visits our fellows at Bristol University

In mid-February, the ESRs at the University of Bristol, Ilaria Scarponi and Sara Contini, received a visit from Dr. Olga Alieva from the National Research University HSE in Moscow. This was a very fruitful experience for the fellows - read their report to learn why.

2019.03.14 | Events, Knowledge exchange

International Conference for Early Career Researchers in Early Christianity

On April 9 from 14:15, the Faculty of Arts at the University of Bristol and the Theologische Fakultät Fulda invites everyone to attend a one-day International Conference for Early Career Researchers in Early Christianity in Fulda, Germany.

2019.02.28 | Knowledge exchange

New Publications on Late Antiquity

Within the last year, two of our ITN members have published new books, one on Origen’s homilies on Jeremiah by A. Fürst, and one on Adrian's Introduction to the Divine Scriptures by P. Martens. A second book by Martens and Hornblower (The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Biblical Interpretation) will appear in May 2019. Read introductions to all…

2019.02.21 | Events

Freedom and Condemnation - Workshops on Origen

If you missed the two workshops on Origen in October and November 2018, you can read about them here. The first workshop was entitled "Freedom as Key Category in Origen and in Modern Theology" while the November workshop focused on the condemnation of Origen in Late Antiquity. You can also find the program for the upcoming workshop "Origen in…

2019.02.14 | Education news

Benedict Ryan - New member of our Scientific Advisory Board

We have been fortunate enough to establish a collaboration with Benedict Ryan, head of research of the British think tank Theos. This article introduces the work of Ryan and Theos and illustrates why this collaboration is valuable to the ITN and our ESRs.

2019.02.13 | Events, Knowledge exchange

Seminar: Human Freedom and Dignity - Origen and Political Theology

In April 2019, the ITN and Aarhus University will host a seminar on Origen and political theology with both contemporary and ancient perspectives. Everyone interested in attending and/or giving a short paper is welcome.

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