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2017.11.23 | Events, Knowledge exchange

Two upcoming seminars on Origen and Augustine

In January and February 2018, Aarhus University will host two seminars - one on the anthropology of Augustine, the other on Origen's theology and philosophy. Everybody is welcome to participate.

2017.11.17 | PhD students, Knowledge exchange

Audios from the course on Origen’s Philosophy of Freedom in 17th-Century England

From the recently held course in Münster, we present the recorded papers by two ESRs - Elisa Bellucci and Andrea Bianchi - on topics central to understanding the reception of Origen' philosophy of freedom in the 17th century.

2017.11.14 | Research news

Report from the recent Origen colloquium in Cambridge

In October, the first Colloquium Adamantianum took place in Cambridge. Each of these events revolve around around the research of one pre-eminent Origen scholar. The first was Theo Kobusch, one of the ITN's advisors. Read the report below to learn more of the event and of recent research on Origen.

2017.11.07 | Events, Knowledge exchange

New Origen seminar in Cambridge

On November 25, the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Platonism is hosting the second seminar on Religion and Philosophy in Origenism Old and New II.

2017.10.10 | Knowledge exchange

Audios from a conference on values – continuity and change

A group of ESRs arranged a panel at a philosophy conference in Ischia in September. Six ESRs presented papers on their work, which are now available in audio.

2017.09.27 | People , News from the management


Two of the ITN supervisors have recently been appointed Honorary Professor and member of the Executive Board in the Academic Society for Theology, respectively.

2017.09.14 | Knowledge exchange, Public/media

Audio presentation: Ethnography of living discourse - Entering the field with a Foucauldian gaze

In July, ESR Johannes Renders presented a paper at the International Society for the Sociology of Religion conference with the theme Cooperation and Conflict in Diverse Societies. Read about it and find a link to the audio in his report.

2017.08.16 | Knowledge exchange

Lectures from the Origeniana conference in Jerusalem

At the Origeniana conference in Jerusalem (June 2017), three lectures were recorded and are now available at Youtube.

2017.08.09 | PhD Course

Open PhD course: Origen’s Philosophy of Freedom in 17th-Century England

All PhD fellows are invited to participate in the ITN course Origen’s Philosophy of Freedom in 17th-Century England. It is arranged by Münster University and takes place October 19-21.

2017.08.07 | Events, Knowledge exchange

Upcoming workshop on Origen and his doctrine of freedom

Cambridge University is hosting a workshop in October - First Colloquium Adamantianum: Divine and Human Freedom. The Philosophical Significance of the Church Father Origen

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