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2018.10.19 | Events

Hungary: Wasteland or Fertile Ground for Religious Tolerance?

'A device for attracting foreign skilled craftsmen to the new industries of Austria and settlers to the wastes of Hungary'. This is how Ernst Wangermann, writing in 1954, described the 1781 Patent of Toleration. Attracting settlers to the 'wastes of Hungary' exemplifies the lack of attention given to Hungary as an inferior part of the Habsburg…

2018.09.17 | Events

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Origen Research Center at WWU Münster

In October 2008, the Origen Research Center was established at the Department of Catholic Theology of Münster University. The 10th anniversary will be celebrated on Thursday, 25 October 2018 (4 p.m.), followed by a workshop (in English) on „Freedom as Key Category in Origen and in Modern Theology“, 26-27 October 2018. The opening lecture (in…

2018.09.17 | Events

Freedom as Key Category in Origen and in Modern Theology

This theme will be a part of “The History of Human Freedom and Dignity in Western Civilization” workshop at Münster University 25-27 October 2018.

2018.06.29 | Knowledge exchange

Origen in Hollywood: a report of the ITN panel in Los Angeles

From June 13 to 16, 2018, the 16th Annual Conference of the International Society for Neoplatonic Studies (ISNS) took place in Los Angeles. Two of our ESRs, Giovanni and Andrea, hosted a panel on Origen and Neo-Platonism. Read the report to find out what happened there, and why Los Angeles was such a suitable occasion for the panel.

2018.06.20 | Events

Beierwaltes Seminars III - on Origen and Christian Platonism

On July 7, the third in a series of Cambridge seminars revolving around the scholar Werner Beierwaltes takes place in Cambridge. Please find a link to the full program below as well as contact information if you want to join.

2018.06.14 | Knowledge exchange

Jacobsen, Christ – Teacher of Salvation: A workshop report on the second Colloquium Adamantianum

The second Colloquium Adamantianum revolved around the latest book by Prof. A.-C. Jacobsen, Christ – Teacher of Salvation. Below, you can read about the different papers, which addressed various key topics of Jacobsen’s study and its place in classical and contemporary Origen scholarship.

2018.06.14 | Knowledge exchange

Workshop on the Latin Works of Henry More I - a report

Dr. Hengstermann has written a report on the newly concluded workshop in Cambridge - the first in a series of interdisciplinary workshops on the Latin works of Henry More. This first one centered on the Concepts of God and Man in More’s Critique of Spinoza.

2018.05.18 | Knowledge exchange

New ITN audios available - Origen and Augustine

In January and February 2018, Aarhus University hosted two seminars focusing on Augustine and Origen, respectively. We recorded all the presentations and have made them available on our ITN SoundCloud account. Find the titles and links below.

2018.05.15 | Events

Conference in Jerusalem - May 27-31 ,2018

A large, international conference will take place in Jerusalem this month. It is co-organized by Prof. A. Fürst and the ITN and will focus on the notions of the Self as they emerged in the Greco-Roman period.

2018.05.11 | Knowledge exchange

Andrea Bianchi: My internship at the Franckesche Stiftungen in Halle

How does an Italian experience three months of cold winter in East Germany? From January to March, Andrea Bianchi was an intern at the Franckesche Stiftungen in Halle. You can read in the report below what made this such a good experience.

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