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2016.10.28 | Events, Public/media

Utrecht Conference on The Future of Human Dignity

Three ESRs attended a conference at the University of Utrecht on “The Future of Human Dignity.” Renze Klamer, Johannes Renders and Josh Roe returned to Johannes’ alma mater to partake in three intense days of discussing Human Dignity in a philosophical, juridical and human rights contexts. Click on the link to read a short impression.

Our venue, the Canterbury Cathedral Lodge, was situated inside the cathedral precincts.

2016.10.03 | Public/media

An ESR's experience of the first network-wide seminar in Kent

Karen Felter was one of the ESRs participating in the ITN's first network-wide seminar in Kent, England, in August. Click the link to read the short report on her experiences.

2016.09.26 | Public/media

Conference on Dignity in Aarhus, October 6, 2016

In October, one of the ITN partner organizations, Etikos, is hosting a conference on dignity ("Værdighed på Plakaten") together with Aarhus University (in Danish). Follow the link to see the entire program.

2016.09.19 | Education news, Public/media

Introducing the ESRs I - Karen Felter, Josh Roe, and Elisa Zocchi

The ESRs from Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster have prepared a video presentation of their research projects. Follow the link and watch Karen Felter, Josh Roe, and Elisa Zocchi in action:

2016.07.12 | PhD students, Events

Seminar in Kent

The first network-wide seminar in the ITN takes place in August. All the ESRs, supervisors, and a couple of invited speakers will be there. In addition to being introduced to important historical knowledge, the project's content and goals, theory and methodology, and some practical matters, is a great opportunity for the participants to get to…

2016.07.07 | Religion and theology, News from the management, Public/media

Etikos' June newsletter (in Danish)

The June newsletter from Etikos (in Danish) contains an article written by one of the ITN partners, Christina Busk, and a presentation of one of the ESRs, Renze Klamer, who is going to be working closely together with Etikos.

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