February 13-14: Lecture and seminar on Origen in Reading

Everybody is invited to join the team at Reading University for a lecture and a small seminar on Origen reception and theology February 13 and 14. No registration is necessary.

2018.02.09 | Birgitte Bøgh

Lecture and seminar on Origen

In connection with a visit by Professor Samuel Fernández, Professor of Patristic Theology, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, to the Department of Classics, University of Reading, everybody is invited to two academic events:

13 February 2018

15 h 30 Talk: “The value of Christ’s human nature in Origen's theological system”

14 February 2018

13 h 00 Research Seminar: "No neutral witness: The reception of Origen's De principiis as seen in its text's transmission"

Both times we will meet in Edith Morley 138. Everybody is welcome. Please contact Prof. Karla pollmann if you have any questions bout the events: k.f.l.pollmann@reading.ac.uk.