New audios: ESR presentations from the network-wide seminar II

In late February (2018), some of our ESR presented aspects of their research on the network-wide seminar in Drübeck. Based on 10-page articles about a research-related topic of their own choice, each recorded presentation lasts about 15-20 minutes - listen and enjoy.

2018.03.20 | Birgitte Bøgh

ESR recording from Drübeck

On the network-wide seminar II (February 2018), many of our ESR presented aspects of their research. They had each prepared 10-page articles on a topic that they had chosen themselves, based on which issues they were currently working on in their PhD project. Afterwards, one of the senior researchers gave a 10-minute response, which was followed by 30 minutes of open discussion. This format worked well, and it resulted in many interesting discussions.

Please find the titles of and links to the recorded papers below. You can also download the abstracts of the papers here.

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