New PhD fellow

Valeria Dessy is a new PhD fellow in the Marie Curie ITN “History of Human Freedom and Dignity in the Western Civilization”, located at the School of Culture and Society. Her project is entitled Origen and the modern Protestant tradition.

2018.01.19 | Arts Kommunikation

Valeria Dessy

I have studied Philosophy at the University of Milan, where I graduated in 2016. In my master thesis, I dealt with the theme of religion as discussed in the thought of David Hume and I tried to find a connection between his approach and the one defined by the contemporary philosopher John Hick. During my studies, I developed a great interest in the philosophy of religion, spiritual questions and religious debates about Church transformations.

In the context of the ITN project, I am focusing on the impact of Origen in the modern Protestant tradition. The main purpose of my research is to analyze how Barth, Moltmann and Jüngel dealt with the idea of predestination, and whether their reshaping of this concept has been influenced by the thought of Origen. This challenge is both philological and theoretical. On the one hand, I would investigate whether the thought of Origen is taken into account by the aforementioned thinkers. On the other hand, it would be useful to understand if it is possible to establish a theoretical connection between Origen and contemporary Protestantism, upon the idea of Grace, predestination and apocatastasis. My final aim is to investigate whether the new concept of freedom necessarily leads to the assertion of individual freedom or, on the contrary, to the loss of it. I find these topics particularly relevant to better understand if the Protestant tradition is considering its own concepts from a new point of view.    

I have joined the project in January 2018. My PhD project, called Origen and the modern Protestant tradition, is located in Aarhus University under the supervision of Professor Anders-Christian Jacobsen.