Research seminar on Origen's theology and philosophy

In February, Aarhus University will host a seminar on Origen's theology and philosophy. The seminar will present lectures from senior researchers as well as shorter presentations by PhD fellows and postdocs working on Origen.

2018.01.22 | Birgitte Bøgh

February 12-14, 2018: Origen's theology and philosophy

In connection with the stays of visiting researchers from Argentina, Brazil and Chile working on Augustine and Origen, Aarhus University will host two seminars in January and and February 2018. The seminars will present lectures from senior researchers as well as shorter presentations by PhD fellows and postdocs working on relevant topics. 

The February seminar takes place at AU, Jens Chr. Skous Vej 3, 8000 Aarhus C, building 1453, room 415.



Monday, 12th of February

15.30-16.30:   Arrival and coffee    

16.30-18.30: Lecture:
Anders-Christian Jacobsen: Origen’s Interpretation of 1. Cor 15

19.00: Dinner    

Tuesday, 13th of February

9.00-11.30: Paper presentations including coffee break:
Anne Achternkamp: Natural law in Origen
Katarina Pålsson: Angelic humans, glorious flesh: Jerome's reception of Origen's teachings on the resurrection body

11.30-13.00: Lunch in the Faculty Club

13.00-15.00:   Paper presentations: 
Maria Fallica: Done away with the resurrection? The Origenian doctrine of the Resurrected Body in the Modern Age (1516-1658)   
Marcos Ruffa: Cosmological and anthropological implications of the Prologue of the Gospel of John in patristic thought

15.00-15.30: Coffee

15.30-17.30: Paper presentations:
Giovanni Hermanin de Reichenfeld: The Soteriological Role of a Subordinate Spirit: Holy Spirit, Subordinationism and Soteriology in Origen of Alexandria.
Christian Hengstermann: Origen’s doctrine of freedom

19.00: Dinner

Wednesday, 14th of February 

9.00-12.00: Paper presentations including coffee:
Fabian Tilling: “It is right to keep the secret of a king” (Tobit 12:6) – the King’s secret as a metaphor for the “mysterium Dei” in Origen.
Lavinia Cerioni: Bodily Souls? Paradoxical Bodies in Origen’s Theology of Progress
Fernando Soler: The theological use of metaphors of eating and drinking in the Origen’s De principiis

12.00-13.00: Conclusion and future

13.00: Lunch

If you intend to participate in any parts of the program, please sign up with Birgitte Bøgh (

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