The End of the World or the World of the End? Forms and Functions of Ancient Eschatologies

Prof. Karla Pollmann, one of the ITN supervisors, is organizing a seminar on ancient eschatologies at the University of Reading on September 30, 2017. Everybody is welcome to attend.

2017.06.26 | Birgitte Bøgh

Date Sat 30 Sep
Time 09:00 17:45
Location Reading, England

The End of the World or the World of the End?

- Forms and Functions of Ancient Eschatologies

Saturday 30th September 2017

Seminar Room, Park House, Whiteknights Campus, University of Reading, RG6 6AQ


09 h 45            Welcome and Introduction

10 h 00            Paper 1 (20 mins): Chiara Ciampa (KCL), Archaic Poetry and Presocratics (Pindar and Empedocles)

Respondent:    10 mins: George Gazis (Durham) + 10 min open discussion

10 h 45            Coffee Break

11 h 15            Paper 2 (20 mins): Albert Hogeterp (independent scholar), Dead Sea Scrolls

Respondent:    10 mins: Lester Grabbe (Hull) + 10 min open discussion

12 h 00            Paper 3 (20 mins): Uta Schmidt, From “earth torn asunder“ (Isa 24:19) to “new heavens and new earth“ (Isa 65:17): Different kinds of future in the book of Isaiah

Respondent:    10 mins: Hilary Marlow (Cambridge) + 10 min open discussion

12 h 45            Lunch

14 h 00            Paper 4 (20 mins): Dina Katz (Leiden), Beyond the future: Mesopotamian perceptions of the very end.

Respondent:    10 mins: TBC + 10 min open discussion

14 h 45            Paper 5 (20 mins): Anders-Christian Jacobsen (Aarhus), Origen’s Eschatology

Respondent:    10 mins: Karla Pollmann + 10 min open discussion

15 h 30            Coffee Break

16 h 00            Paper 6 (20 mins): Zara Pogossian (Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Armenian Apocalypses

Respondent:    10 mins: Steve Walton + 10 min open discussion

16 h 45            Concluding Open Discussion and Outlook

17 h 45            End (optional: dinner together at participants’ own expense)

This colloquium is organised in conjunction with a forthcoming multi-disciplinary volume Eschatology in Antiquity, edited by Hilary Marlow (, Karla Pollmann (, and Helen Van Noorden (, which will be published by Routledge as part of their Rewriting Antiquity series. The colloquium is sponsored by the School of Humanities and the Senior Common Room of the University of Reading.

There is no attendance fee, and tea and coffee are provided; lunch is provided for invited presenters/respondents only, but a number of food outlets are available nearby. For administrative questions about the day, please contact Eva Van Herel (