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2018.04.30 | Knowledge exchange

Secondment in Pècs - a report by Joshua Roe

"In 1995 we got our first telephone line, in 1997 a dial-up connection, and in 1999 everyone was talking about fibre broadband internet". This was only one of many things ESR Joshua Roe learned about Hungary when he went on a 3-month secondment in Pécs. Read all about his experiences below.

2018.04.23 | Events

Workshops in June - open invitation

One June 2-4, two workshops will take place in Cambridge. The first centers on the work on Origen by Prof. Anders-Christian Jacobsen, the second on the Concepts of God and Man in Henry More’s Critique of Spinoza.

2018.04.03 | Events

Symposium in Cambridge - open invitation

Please find below the program for the open, day-long symposium on Origen, taking place on 25 April 2018 between 10:00 and 17:00 at the University of Cambridge.

2018.03.22 | Research news, Events

Origen - from Chile to England

At the University of Reading, ESRs Ilaria and Sara as well as other lucky PhD fellows were treated with a three-day full immersion into Origen, when Professor Samuel Fernández from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile came to visit in mid-February. Sara Contini has shared her experiences with us in this report.

2018.03.20 | Knowledge exchange

New audios: ESR presentations from the network-wide seminar II

In late February (2018), some of our ESR presented aspects of their research on the network-wide seminar in Drübeck. Based on 10-page articles about a research-related topic of their own choice, each recorded presentation lasts about 15-20 minutes - listen and enjoy.

2018.03.13 | Knowledge exchange, Events

Beierwaltes Seminars on Origen and Christian Platonism - call for papers

Dr. Christian Hengstermann has arranged two seminars in Cambridge on Origen and Platonism to take place in July and October 2018. PhD fellows and postdocs are invited to give papers on their current research.

2018.03.09 | Events

Network events in 2018

We receive a lot of expressions of interest for our network seminars and workshops. Numerous research events have been planned for the year 2018. Some are only for the ITN participants, but others are open to all interested in our research topic. We have listed them all in this article so you can plan ahead.

2018.02.28 | Research news

Report on Origen seminar in Aarhus

In February 2018, a group of young, international scholars met in Aarhus to present papers and discuss their work on the theology and philosophy of the church father Origen from Alexandria.

2018.02.26 | Knowledge exchange, Research news

Origenes: Grieche und Christ in römischer Zeit

A new book (in German) by Prof. Dr. Dr. Alfons Fürst has recently been published - Origenes: Grieche und Christ in römischer Zeit. Find an English and German summary in this article.

2018.02.21 | Events

Workshop on Anne Conway in Cambridge - open invitation

Karen Felter, one of the ESRs, has arranged a workshop in co-operation with the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Platonism on Anne Conway - part of an influential group of philosophers called the Cambridge Platonists. All those interested are invited to participate.

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