Beierwaltes Seminars III - on Origen and Christian Platonism

On July 7, the third in a series of Cambridge seminars revolving around the scholar Werner Beierwaltes takes place in Cambridge. Please find a link to the full program below as well as contact information if you want to join.

Beierwaltes Seminars III
- on Origen and Christian Platonism

The biannual Beierwaltes Seminars on Origen and Christian Platonism, hosted by the Cambridge Centre, revolve around key concepts of Platonism and their transformation in Christian philosophy from the Alexandrians Clement and Origen to the present day. After reading and discussing excerpts from the work of the eminent scholar Werner Beierwaltes (translated into English for the first time), both PhD students and postdocs give papers on their current research on Origen and Christian Platonism. The full program can be downloaded here: Program.

The event takes place July 7, 09:30 - 18:00 at the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Divinity, Room 7

Everyone interested in and working on Platonism and Origenism is cordially invited to participate. Please send an email to Dr. Christian Hengstermann: