New training course for PhD fellows

On April 19-21, 2017, all interested PhD fellows (from the humanities) are invited to participate in a course in Aarhus (DK) on how to present your research results online via different media and tools.

2017.03.08 | Birgitte Bøgh

Date Wed 19 Apr Fri 21 Apr
Time 15:00    12:30
Location Aarhus (Denmark)
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Web Presentations of Research Results 


What: PhD course in Web presentations of research results (for humanities)

Where: Aarhus University, Paludan Müllers Vej 48, Aarhus

When: April 19-21, 2017    

ECTS credits: 2

Registration: Please register no later than April 5, 2017 - there is room for 20 participants. Follow this direct link to register:

Or find the course information via this link:  

Today, web communication is more important than ever, both in the academic and non-academic world. To reach a large audience as fast as possible, research results and other news are frequently broadcast on internet blogs and homepages, via podcasts, on social media, etc. This course is designed to help PhD students present their research results on the web and takes the form of lectures combined with hands-on workshops during which the participants will make their own blog, get introduced to Wordpress homepages, learn how to produce video, audio, text, and graphics for a web presentation and how to use the social media and other networking websites, and will be introduced to a selection of the most useful (free) tools available. These are also useful skills for those who want to pursue job opportunities outside of academia. The Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media at Aarhus University will conduct the course.


April 19, 2017 (15:00-18:45)

15:00 Introductory lecture (Scientific communication in change - challenges, possibilities, tools                             and technologies)

15:30 Academic websites and blogs

·   Where, how, pitfalls, practices, possibilitie

·   Course participants get started on making their own website and blog

16:30 Coffee break

17:00 Academic websites and blogs, continued (until 18:45)


April 20, 2017 (9:00-17:30)

9:00   How to write and present text on social media, blogs on the internet, etc. aimed at different (academic and non-academic) audiences?

10:00 How and when to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, and other social networking websites for your professional activities?

11:00 Coffee break

11:30-17:30 Course participants are divided in groups who will circulate between different stations:

Audio and video

·   Preparing and making audiovisual presentations (e.g., the basics of photo and video editing)

·   Using different services: E.g. podcasts  YouTube videos and timelines

Texts and images

·   Write and present texts for your blog and on the social media

·   How to find good images for your texts

Other tools for data visualization for web communication will also be introduced in the relevant sessions.

Lunch will be served at 13:00 (1 hour); coffee break 15:30 (30 minutes)


April 21, 2017 (9:00-12:30)

9:00  Working on your  own website and blog

·   How to link blogs, websites, and social media

·   How to integrate audio and video on your website and blog

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Working on your  own website and blog, continued (until 12:30)



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