Open PhD course: Origen’s Philosophy of Freedom in 17th-Century England

All PhD fellows are invited to participate in the ITN course Origen’s Philosophy of Freedom in 17th-Century England. It is arranged by Münster University and takes place October 19-21.




Thursday, 19 October

20.00-22.00:    Keynote to the Workshop (Public Evening Lecture)

Saskia Wendel (Cologne): Embodied Freedom



Friday, 20 October: Workshop Panels I and II

Panel I: Texts and Translations

9.00-10.30       Mark Burden (Bristol)

Origen at Cambridge: Texts and their Transmission

11.00-12.30     Christian Hengstermann (Cambridge)

Gulielmus Spencerus and Henricus Morus. Translating the Cambridge Origenists‘ Latin Works

Panel II: Mind, Soul and Body

14.00-15.30     David Leech (Bristol)

Love and Virtue in Henry More’s Enchiridion Ethicum

16.00-17.30     Karen Felter (Münster)

Spirit and Gender in Anne Conway’s Eschatology


Saturday, 21 October: Workshop Panels III and IV

Panel III: Freedom and Necessity

9.00-10.30       Sarah Hutton (York)

Ralph Cudworth‘s Writings on Liberty and Necessity

11.00-12.30     Christian Hengstermann (Cambridge)

Freedom as Holistic Hegemonikon Causality. Christian Philosophy of Freedom in Ralph Cudworth‘s Treatise of Freewill

Panel IV: The Cambridge Platonists and Continental Europe

14.00-15.30     Marilyn Lewis (Bristol)

“Somewhere in Episcopius”. George Rust and Henry Hallywell‘s use of the Dutch Arminians

16.00-17.30     Andrea Bianchi (Milan)

17th-Century Cambridge Platonists in Continental Europe. Critique and Erudition in the Bibliothèques of Jean Le Clerc

17.30-19.00     Elisa Bellucci (Halle)

Origenian, English, and Kabbalistic Influences on Johann Wilhelm Petersen‘s Apokatastasis Doctrine


ECTS points: 2

Where: Münster University, Germany 

Contact: Please contact us via if you have questions or want to sign up for the course

Deadline: September 15, 2017