Report on Origen seminar in Aarhus

In February 2018, a group of young, international scholars met in Aarhus to present papers and discuss their work on the theology and philosophy of the church father Origen from Alexandria.

2018.02.28 | Birgitte Bøgh

Origen seminar in Aarhus

After having hosted the seminar on Augustine´s anthropology in January (you can read more about the program here), everything was ready in mid-February to welcome new presentations concerning Origen´s theology and anthropology. This was a great occasion to delve, once again, into the complexity and richness of the thought of Origen and his different interpretations. Aarhus became a stimulating melting pot of young researchers coming from all over the world: Argentina, Chile, Italy, Germany, Sweden and, of course, Denmark. From our ESR network participated Karen, Kristian, Joshua, and Valeria. 

After a warm welcome, we immediately got into the heart of the matter with the lecture of Anders-Christian Jacobsen, who organized the seminar. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the session continued with several debates, linked with both the interpretation of some Origenian ideas and his reception in other theologians and philosophers. This was an occasion to ascertain how some passages of the Alexandrine are still able to arouse discussions and interpretations on some key points of his thought. During the session a variety of talks were given, always followed by debates on the contents developed by the speakers. Some of the topics considered were Origen’s Interpretation of 1 Cor 15; Natural law in Origen; The Origenian doctrine of the Resurrected Body in the Pre-Modern Age; and Origen’s doctrine of freedom (you can see the full program here).

The Origen seminar was a significant moment to share knowledge, doubts and opinions. The friendly environment of Aarhus University was definitely helpful for this purpose. For us ESRs it was a good occasion to maintain alive questions and reflections on Origen, through the exposition of the researchers who presented during these days. Furthermore, it has been a great occasion to get in contact with other young, passionate researchers working on Origen and his reception. A good way to feel part of a wide scholarly network!

Valeria Dessy



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