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Our venue, the Canterbury Cathedral Lodge, was situated inside the cathedral precincts.

2016.10.03 | Public/media

An ESR's experience of the first network-wide seminar in Kent

Karen Felter was one of the ESRs participating in the ITN's first network-wide seminar in Kent, England, in August. Click the link to read the short report on her experiences.

2016.09.26 | Public/media

Conference on Dignity in Aarhus, October 6, 2016

In October, one of the ITN partner organizations, Etikos, is hosting a conference on dignity ("Værdighed på Plakaten") together with Aarhus University (in Danish). Follow the link to see the entire program.

2016.09.19 | Education news, Public/media

Introducing the ESRs I - Karen Felter, Josh Roe, and Elisa Zocchi

The ESRs from Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster have prepared a video presentation of their research projects. Follow the link and watch Karen Felter, Josh Roe, and Elisa Zocchi in action:

2016.07.12 | PhD students, Events

Seminar in Kent

The first network-wide seminar in the ITN takes place in August. All the ESRs, supervisors, and a couple of invited speakers will be there. In addition to being introduced to important historical knowledge, the project's content and goals, theory and methodology, and some practical matters, is a great opportunity for the participants to get to…

2016.07.07 | Religion and theology, News from the management, Public/media

Etikos' June newsletter (in Danish)

The June newsletter from Etikos (in Danish) contains an article written by one of the ITN partners, Christina Busk, and a presentation of one of the ESRs, Renze Klamer, who is going to be working closely together with Etikos.

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